1 Retractable Belt Barrier Comparison (2 meter) 2018-10-29
2 Retractable Belt Barrier Comparison (4 meter) 2018-10-29
3 Comparison Stackable Base Series 2019-02-18
4 Comparison Rope Barrier 2018-10-29
5 Stainless Steel Comparison (Taiwan #304 V.S. China #201) 2018-10-29

Compare with some other suppliers


Are you still worry these problems?

Strong Way use Japan high level stainless steel spring

Helps the belt cassette operated smother.
The belt cassette can retract over 100,000 cycles in practical testing.


China’s steel spring is lack of elasticity

The steel spring would easily lose its flexibility after long term use.
The belt cassette will not retract back eventually which is the most crucial function of the barrier.

Strong Way has High Weather Resistance 100% Corrosion Resistance

High class of stainless steel #304 has high weather and corrosion resistance.
SUS#304 is more refined, higher stability and safer than SUS #201.


Low Weather Resistance

Stainless steel #201 has lower corrosion Resistance which would cause rust easily and the risk to harm the health Structure.

3mm“one piece”stainless steel
Using 3 fixing points to strengthen base structure that can prevent base from separating the pole. 


Very Wast time to assemble the base

Only 1 fixing point easily causing loose of the base and pole when people rotate to move the barrier

Strong Way has protection for counter weight: 

Abrasion Resistant, Waterproof, Anti-rust

HDPE(High Density Polyethylene) shell with iron sand inside Weight, Aesthetic, Practicability Upgrade.


China has Lower durability