Strong Way United Co., Ltd.
Company Profile

Strong-Way United Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 and is located in the middle of Taiwan.

We are a professional manufacturer of high quality commercial/ public space & lobby equipment and accessories. The features of our products are innovative, functional, practical, and patented in many countries. We market our goods all over the world. Our main products are as follows:

1. Retractable Tape Queue Stand & Barriers Series
2. Stainless Steel Portable Posts & Velvet Rope Series
3. Caf’e Barriers
4. LED Lightbox and Signboard Stand Series
5. Snap open poster display Series
6. Signboard Stands / Paging Board Series
7. Dual Purpose Display Screen Series
8. Auto Wet Umbrella Packer
9. Wet Umbrella Folding Rack / Umbrella Protective Bag Stand Series
10. Auto Soap Dispenser Series
11. Foldable Roadblock

Patented Items:
Retractable Tape Queue Stand Series

U.S.A.: US 6,776,398 B1 US D447,251 S
Germany: Nr. 20 2012 003 297.6
: 200502642
Taiwan: 226346
China: ZL 03 2 65882.6

Auto Umbrella Packing Machine
U.S.A.: 5,765,338
Japan: 3065519
Taiwan: 140747
China: ZL 97 2 25628.8

LED Multi-Function Signboard Stand
Taiwan: M 360418
Patent Pending











SGS Test Report – All Way Retractable Tape Tensile Testing


Aluminum Anodizing – Salt Spray Test


Strong Way Co., Ltd. is a well-experienced Public Guidance Products Manufacturer in Taiwan, providing Crowd Control System, Queue Management Devices and Display Signs of superior quality at competitive price. Additionally, we also supply Umbrella Wrapper, Retractable Belt and Auto Soap Dispenser with durable quality. Our products are suitable for hotel, café and public use, such as Queue Stands, Retractable Queue Barriers and Signboard Displays. If you are searching for high quality Crowd Control Post, LED Sign Board and Automatic Umbrella Packing Machine, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Main Products:
‧Crowd Control Solutions
‧Café Barriers
‧Display Signs
‧Umbrella Packing Machine
‧Soap Dispensers